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Poem-Ending G

Poem-Ending G

OH God
I try to do good
Going by the philosophies of Marcus Garvey
Musical Genius
Travel on the gravel while the judge strikes the gavel
Drinking water from the broken glass of Generations
I smoke the Ganga from Gambia to Germany
Studying Genetics
I try to get the highest grade
I hear the sounds of Guns
Due to policies of government
We are facing Genocide
Due to warring Gangs
That dwells in the Gutters
A man must have Guts
Whether Jew or Gentile
Not wanting to pick up Germs
Which give rise to Gingivitis and Symptoms of Gonorrhoea
I throw away the Garbage
But not in the Gully
Nor on the strip of the Gaza
Where grenades grow like green grass
Copyright © June 2010 by Leroy Taylor. All Rights Reserved

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