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The Malawian Journeys 1.0 EP - 1 CD set

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 “The Malawian Journeys 1.0” EP by Dexta Malawi Now on SoundCloud. Coming to I-tunes This Month

Kingston, Jamaica. October 10, 2014–Dexta Malawi is an Element of surprise. He describes himself as a Reggae Singer, Songwriter, DJ and Poet. The EP entitled “The Malawian Journeys 1.0” by Dexta Malawi of The Reach di People Edutainment is long overdue but is sure to reach the people. The songs feature creative lyrics and catchy melodies which will make you enjoy their authentic Jamaican Sound. 

 “The Malawian Journeys 1.0” EP rejoices in the beauty of nature, the journey of life, children and then goes on to encourage people to achieve their goals in spite of the challenges life will offer. It also outlines elements of the day to day journeys of Dexta Malawi’s life while at the same time representing for a wide listener base and paying Tribute to the People of Malawi.

 “The Malawian Journeys 1.0”, the EP which is a production of Reach Di People Edutainment is now available on sound cloud and will be available for purchase on i-tunes and all major music distribution sites by 24 October 2014.

The EP features songs written and performed by Leroy “Dexta Malawi” Taylor. The instrumentals for this EP were produced by prolific record producers such as

 Kerron “Kabaka Pyramid” Salmon 

of Bebble rock studio, Kevin Salmon of Supa Nova Productions, Raymond Clarke of the Switzerland based Ranks Production, Daimon Schwalger of The Nomad Music Out of New Zealand, Fredrick JeanJean of Iron Gate in Australia. Additionally Leroy "Dexta Malawi" Taylor of Reach Di People Edutainment also produced two of the tracks himself with major contribution From Jah D of The Builders Music Studio. One of the tracks also include Mr. Andre France on Flutes. Harmonies for the EP were done by Leanne Vanessa Humphrey and Keteis Oyonde.

Tracks on The EP include:

  1. Hot Hot Hot--Recorded at Builders Music Studio--Produced by Reach Di People Edutainment--Mixed by Dane “Dr. Dru” Crump.
  2. Woke Up This Morning--Recorded at Bebble Rock Studio--Produced by Kabaka Pyramid and RDPE--Mixed by Dane “Dr. Dru” Crump—Video Directed and Edited By Kevron Turner
  3. Lef Dem In Awe--Recorded at Supa Nova Studio--Produced by Supa Nova Productions--Mixed by Kevin Salmon
  4. Yaad Man Skank Featuring Iyunda--Recorded at Downsound Studio-Produced by Ranks Productions-Mixed by Kimani Smith--Video Directed by Kevron Turner and Edited By Wayne South.
  5. World is in Trouble-Recorded at EDB Studio-Produced and Mixed by Iron Gate
  6. Mi an Mi Empress-Recorded at Bebble Rock Studio-Produced By Wayne South-Mixed By Kevin salmon
  7. Put on Ya turban-Recorded at Andrea Dippiero’s  Studio-Produced and Mixed By the Nomad Music-Video Directed By Kevron turner and Edited By Daimon Scwalger.
  8. The Malawian Journeys-Recorded at Bebble Rock, EDB and Supa Nova Studios--Produced by Andre France and Reach Di People Edutainment--Mixed by Dane “Dr. Dru” Crump.
  9. Woke Up Dub-Produced By Natural High Music
  1. EP Acknowledgements-Recorded at Natural High Music Music Studio
  1. Dexta Malawi biography By Nya Niarobi-Recorded at Natural High Music Studio

The EP was Mastered at the Anchor Recording Studio. The Official launch party of the EP will take place in November on a date and at a venue soon to be announced. 

The videos for three of the singles on the “The Malawian Journeys 1.0”  EP were directed  by Kevron Turner of Le Kevron Cinematography ( and will  further boost the EP’s credibility and reach.

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