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DEXTA MALAWI is a star in the galaxy of today's young artists working to restore roots rock reggae to its rightful spot at the crown of Jamaican music.  He burst onto the music landscape with 'Woke Up This Morning”, a happy song on a dancing beat by Kabaka Pyramid of Bebble Rock music that drew mental images of a cool river, sunshine, with upfull meditations and sounds that captured the ear.  Boosting the song with a launch of the single's video at popular ital restaurant Veggie Meals on Wheels on his birthday, December 26, 2013, Dexta Malawi has continued to hold the music public's attention.  “Talented” and “A different style” are some of the words used by several producers and fans to describe this artist.

           Using a mix of mainly reggae, hip-hop and dancehall along with older styles of Jamaican music such as ska, intertwined with slight influences from some European styles and rock music, Dexta Malawi tries to represent the current Jamaican situations and states of mind from a musically artistic point of view. Known as a performer of both songs and poetry, he has more than fifteen songs already recorded.

           Academically, Dexta Malawi is a graduate of the University Of Technology (UTECH) as an Environmental Engineer, the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts with qualifications in web design, and from the Media Technology Institute of C.T.P.C. with an Associate Degree in Video Production. He also attended CARIMAC at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, where he graduated with a Distinction in Radio Production.

           His day job is as an environmental engineer with the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) and additional training includes Computer Mechanics, but Dexta Malawi's never-yielding passion for creating intense, educationally entertaining lyrics and melodies has kept him developing his musical potential and gaining wider recognition for his talent.

Born Leroy Omar Taylor in December 1987, Dexta Malawi grew up in the country side Community of Cascade in St. Ann, Jamaica and this is reflected in the word sound vibrations uttered by this artiste. Coming out under the Reach Di People Edutainment, an indie Label, Dexta Malawi has had significant impact on the underground reggae music scene since July 2009. Describing himself as a performer, song writer, poet, entrepreneur, and historian, Dexta Malawi says his songs are geared towards social commentary, spirituality, food, women and mental liberation.              

In his short but stellar career, Dexta Malawi has performed in Jamaica at hotels, dinners, fashion shows and stage shows such as UTECH's Spectrum, Jamnesia, Manifesto Jamaica, Seh Sup’m poetry events, Red Bones Blues Cafe, Conscious Reggae Party and the annual Reggae Month celebrations, that have given him experience and a wider fan base.

           In 2011 Dexta Malawi performed in Shijiazhuang, China at the Hebei University of Science & Technology Student Festival. Another international performance took place June 2014, when he performed in Harlem, New York on the bill of the UNIA/ACL Marcus Garvey Centenary Festival -- a prestigious booking made possible by the popularity of his hit “Woke Up This Morning”.


          Inspired by artists such as Ini Kamozi, Daweh Congo, Junior Gong and Midnite, Dexta Malawi's singles include 'Lef Dem In Awe', 'Mi An Mi Empress', 'Hot Hot Hot', as well as his current hit song “Yaad Man Skank” which already has more than 25,000 hits on YouTube.  His collaborations include Kabaka Pyramid, Exile Di Brave, Koro Fyah and Joseph I. Dexta Malawi is scheduled to launch his EP 'The Malawian Journeys 1.0' in October 2014.

           Look out for Dexta Malawi to Reach Di People                   


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The Malawian Journeys 1.0 EP - -By Dexta Malawi

Dexta Malawi 2013 Bio - Songwriter

The Official Biography of Dexta Malawi

Dexta Malawi was born in the parish of Manchester in Jamaica. He Grew up in the Parish of St. ann and now represents one of the voices of a generation. He entered the Music Scene in 2009 with the release of his demo compilation Malawi’s thoughts. He is a recording artiste inspired by the need to create. He is also inspired by other artistes such as Ini Kamozi and Daweh Congo; two of his all time favourites. Dexta Malawi Mainly focuses on Reggae Music but also writes and performs Spoken Word Poetry, Dub Poetry and Dancehall. Most of his Songs are geared towards Social Commentary although Rastafari, food, women and mental liberation are prevalent topics in his catalogue. Dexta Malawi describes his style of music as unique and believes it should be left to the listeners and scholars to further categorize.

Dexta Malawi is an Environmentalist, scientist, song writer, poet and historian.

Dexta Malawi’s recent collaboration with Iyunda entitled “Yaad Man skank” is currently receiving notable rotation on various radio stations around the island. The  “Yaad Man skank” Video has also been receiving fairly heavy rotation on local TV stations such as CVM TV, Hype TV and Links TV. Dexta is scheduled to launch his book entitled “The Malawian Journeys 1” in December 2013.

Dexta Malawi will be performing live at Veggie Meals on wheels on 10 October 2013 along with Micah Shemaiah and Hempress Sativa. Also on 26 December 2013 Reach di People Edutainment in collaboration With Charismatic Productions, EDB entertainment and Simiya House presents Rasta Party II, A Dexta Malawi Earth Strong celebration and video launch for single entitled woke up this morning.

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